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January 2022 Sightings

Posted by Emily on Sat February 12, 2022 in Sightings Report.

A new year brings a new start to the reserve and, with it, a rush of rainfall that caused the mighty Klaserie River to flood the KD bridge for only the second time in recent years. These rising water levels have brought gleeful elephants flocking to swim in the refreshing pools, dousing themselves in thick, wet mud afterwards for an effective sun- and bug-shield. Few sights can bring more joy than these sentient giants trumpeting and rolling with pleasure in the water. Keep reading to find out what other awesome sightings we have been having so far in 2022!

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December 2021 Sightings

Posted by Emily on Fri January 28, 2022 in Sightings Report.

Baby impala leap for joy, colourful migrant birds sweep the skies as they pluck insects on the wing and the mighty Klaserie River ripples with life. December in the Klaserie is a magical time of plenty for the plethora of animals that call this wilderness home. Keep reading to discover exactly which Klaserie characters we spotted over the recent Christmas season.

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November 2021 Sightings

Posted by Emily on Fri December 17, 2021 in Sightings Report.

November started with a bang as the very first morning our guides located the River pride feasting on a giraffe kill in the ridges above the Klaserie river. With the summer temperatures heating up, our favourite feline family soon decided the cool river sands below were a better way to spend the day and, one-by-one, migrated to their watery namesake. It was here, enjoying a wonderful view of the pride lying up amongst the reeds, that the Island female leopard and her cub were spotted hiding in a huge Nyala tree just 100 metres away.

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October 2021 Sightings - Part 2

Posted by Emily on Fri December 3, 2021 in Sightings Report.

Beyond some incredible lion sightings, October also proved a fantastic month for the many other wild and wonderful creatures of the Klaserie. Catch up with your favourite leopard, African wild dog and other characters with part 2 of our October update...

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October 2021 Sightings part one - Lion update

Posted by Emily on Sat November 13, 2021 in Sightings Report.

"Overwhelmed, the bull collapsed to the ground within minutes and, despite a final surge of adrenaline to regain his feet, he fell back into a thicket by the river. Once down, there was sadly no return for this magnificent beast as one of the males moved in to give the final kiss of death."

Read all about our incredible lion sightings in part one of October's sightings report.

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