Sustainable Travel

"Preserve the wonders of the world whilst exploring them in your travels"

What are we doing?

At Klaserie Drift, we believe that your holiday shouldn't cost the Earth. As part of our mission to become an eco-friendly, sustainable lodge, we have committed to:

✓  A plastic reduction programme, including reusable water bottles, eco pens and removing single-use plastic items.

✓  Joining SA Tourism's Carbon-offsetting initiative to plant spekboom cuttings around camp, helping to reduce the carbon footprint from inbound flights to South Africa. 

✓  Using only the most energy-efficient globes, air-conditioning units and fridges 

✓  Recycling and composting our food waste

✓  Growing fresh, organic produce in our on-site greenhouse for use in the lodge restaurant

✓ In 2023, Klaserie Drift took on one of our most exciting projects yet - installing a system of solar panels that now generates enough energy for the entire lodge - no diesel, no generators and no load-shedding!

On-site, organic greenhouse

Our on-site greenhouse currently grows more than 20 different fruits, vegetables and herbs including: bananas, sweet potatoes, paw paw, bell peppers, spring onion, coriander, parsley, rocket and more!

What are the benefits of growing our own produce?

✓  Avoids unnecessary packaging, chemicals and transportation reducing plastic waste and carbon production

✓  Straight from ground to plate means every mouthful is extra fresh and packed with flavour and nutrition!

✓  Naturally pollinated to support the bee population