• Safari game vehicle crossing Klaserie river with guests
  • An African wild dog on the hunt
  • Close up of a huge elephant bull head

Community & Conservation

At Klaserie Drift Safari Camps we take pride in the fact that we make a difference in both the lives of the communities around us and conservation initiatives. We have a close working relationship with the community which our staff call home and participate in conservation projects such as the Ground Hornbill and the Elephant projects.

Eco Children

Klaserie Drift Safari Camps are proud supporters and sponsors of Eco Children, which is a non-profit organisation, initiated by the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve. It focuses on hands-on environmental education and whole school development. Eco Children operate in areas with some of the country’s most challenging social and environmental issues. The program educates children by increasing their awareness and understanding of conservation and at the same time improving their learning environment, quality of their education and providing opportunities for promising learners. In doing so we strive to have a positive impact on environmental awareness and education amongst the youth in these areas, which will hopefully lead to better conservation and economic outcomes for South Africa in the long run.


Ground Hornbill Project

The Southern Ground-Hornbill, Bucorvus leadbeateri, is a conservation icon of South African savanna. During the 20th Century its range and population size in South Africa decreased by some two thirds, with the birds disappearing from much of their historical range. Such a rapid decrease in the population of a long-lived, slow-breeding animal is of great conservation concern and, based on IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) criteria, the official conservation status of Southern Ground-Hornbills in Southern Africa has been elevated from Vulnerable to Endangered. We are proud to be working with the Southern Ground Hornbill Project to help reinstate this beautiful bird in its natural territory.

The Elephant Project

Research commenced in 2003 as Save the Elephants – South Africa, and draws on data collected over almost two decades. The research contributes towards the long-term survival of the African elephant, thereby maintaining the vital diversity of our world. Local project, Elephants Alive, is also working closely within the Associated Private Nature Reserves to understand local elephant movements and determine non-invasive methods of preventing human-elephant conflict in neighbouring villages. If elephants are to survive, we need scientific knowledge and an intimate understanding of their movements and needs.

An African wild dog family greeting each other

Wild Dogs

African Wildlife Conservation Fund run The Lowveld Wild Dog Project. African wild dogs, also known as painted wolves, are Southern Africa’s most endangered large carnivore. With their unique and striking coat patterns, their intelligence and their highly interactive and caring nature, wild dogs are truly one of the most awe inspiring species alive today. The Klaserie has become a local stronghold for several wild dog populations in recent years and we are overjoyed to be seeing this rare predator thriving and breeding in our area once more.

A dehorned rhino

Rhino Dehorning

Rhino poaching has devastated the population of these iconic animals across Africa. Here in the Kruger and Greater Kruger region, we have lost a heart-breaking 75% of our rhino in the last decade - with the population dropping dramatically from roughly 10,000 to 2,500. This unsustainable decline has forced the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve into action - coming to the difficult decision to dehorn our entire rhino population. In a highly coordinated effort, the operation has now been running for several years and is showing real signs of curbing the tide. The dehorning does not hurt the animal as the horn is made of the same substance - keratin - as our fingernails and hair. Furthermore, there are little to no long term consequences of dehorning except for the intended one - to save that animal's life. We are proud to stand behind the Klaserie Reserve and be part of the fight to stamp out poaching forever.