Articles about the wildlife at Klaserie Drift

Why does a zebra have its stripes?

Posted by Emily on Thu September 23, 2021 in Wildlife.

Have you ever wondered why a zebra has its dazzling black and white stripes? Ponder no more! Guide Emily is armed with all the latest science on the matter...

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Territorial warfare - a clash of hippos

Posted by Emily on Fri September 3, 2021 in Wildlife.

What happens when two enormous hippo bulls decide there's only enough room for one? Read on to find out more about this incredible sighting!

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A special encounter with African wild dogs

Posted by Emily on Tue April 6, 2021 in Wildlife.

There are few sightings that are quite as magical as that of the endangered African wild dogs. As highly sociable and playful creatures, they can provide countless hours of entertainments for those lucky enough to find them. Discover one such occasion this year where guide Emily was left almost speechless by her favourite animal of all....

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Lockdown Lions - The River Pride Cub Boom!

Posted by Emily on Thu August 27, 2020 in Wildlife.

There's little more exciting than getting up close with a wild lion - unless, of course, those lions are followed by a furry mass of adorable cubs! Our local lionesses have been extremely busy during lockdown securing the next generation of the indomitable River Pride. With 10 ridiculously cute cubs in the area, our guides couldn't be happier. Get the full story from Emily right here...

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