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What will I see on safari?

Posted by Emily on Sat June 3, 2023 in Safari Experiences and Safari Factfile.

For many people researching their first trip to South Africa, a common question is “What will I see on safari”? The answer actually depends on a lot of factors. So, we’re here to unpack it for you and tell you what you can expect.

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What is a vegan safari?

Posted by Emily on Fri April 28, 2023 in Safari Experiences.

Have you ever considered taking a vegan safari? If you are vegan, you will know the meticulous planning that is often involved in taking a vacation. At Klaserie Drift, we've done the hard work for you so you can relax and enjoy nature, completely guilt and worry free. Read on to find out more about our luxury vegan safaris - including a specially designed plant-based menu full of mouth-watering treats!

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African wild dogs risk it all to cross the flooded Klaserie River!

Posted by Emily on Sun March 19, 2023 in Sightings Report.

February 2023 will always be remembered for the arrival of the once-in-a-decade floods that inundated the Klaserie with a staggering torrent of water. However, at Klaserie Drift Safari Camps, the flood brought with it something even more spectacular. Keep reading to find out more...

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Top 8 reasons why you need to visit South Africa NOW

Posted by Emily on Fri February 10, 2023 in Travel experiences.

South Africa is famous as being a world-class safari destination, but did you know there’s so much more to our incredible country than just wildlife? Keep reading to discover our top 8 reasons why you should visit South Africa NOW!

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What is a typical day like on safari?

Posted by Emily on Tue January 31, 2023 in Safari Experiences.

Ever wondered what a typical day on safari at Klaserie Drift Safari Camps looks like? Get the lowdown in our latest blog post...

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