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September Sightings

Posted by Emily on Tue October 13, 2020 in Sightings Report.

Cats, dogs and everything in between - it has been a bumper month of sightings here at Klaserie Drift! Keep reading to discover what sightings our guests were enjoying in September.

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August Sightings

Posted on Wed September 9, 2020.

August has been another wonderful month with more exciting sightings of the River Pride and some tell-tale signs that winter is coming to an end at last...

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Lockdown Lions - The River Pride Cub Boom!

Posted by Emily on Thu August 27, 2020 in Wildlife.

There's little more exciting than getting up close with a wild lion - unless, of course, those lions are followed by a furry mass of adorable cubs! Our local lionesses have been extremely busy during lockdown securing the next generation of the indomitable River Pride. With 10 ridiculously cute cubs in the area, our guides couldn't be happier. Get the full story from Emily right here...

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July Sightings

Posted on Tue August 11, 2020.

In spite of the current lockdown, July has been an action-packed month in terms of sightings here at Klaserie Drift! The big cats, in particular, have been putting in regular appearances. However, nothing prepared us for one very special sighting indeed...

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Vine Snake Encounter – Article By Troy Meeser

Posted on Mon July 20, 2020.

Within the last couple of months I’ve noticed that we have been visited by a few of our slithery friends in and around our various camps. Yes correct I’m talking about snakes...

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