Duma’s presence

Posted on Mon July 20, 2020.

The unexpected arrival of new male lion, Duma, with a buffalo kill!

An amazing sighting this week, a new and rather large male lion in pristine condition was spotted on our property! (Which we later found out to be Duma, the resident Dominant male of the Olifants West Pride) Guests stumbled upon him whilst doing a walking safari and investigating a dead buffalo, you can imagine their surprise when he stood up and growled at them!!

This Big Boy has hung around all week with his carcass, protecting it from vultures and drawing very little attention to himself, so as not to alert our 2 resident gentlemen Warlord and Blondie to his presence!

Guides picked up his tracks leading away from the Koppie to the pan outside of Amani’s fence and back in that direction, it would appear that this guy knows his way around here and is perhaps more of a local than we think!


-Talitha Jansen